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Trust Squadly to create your schedules. Let it be your go-to software to save your time and create online schedules with it


Simplify your lives by embracing the potential of rapid scheduling and sharing all in one single platform. Say No to desk duties and go partners with this new hassle-free crew coordination.

Email Client

Squadly’s mailbox is designed to get along with all the other tools. So, bid farewell to inbox chaos & and begin an amazing journey with Squadly’s email drive.

Squadly CRM

Squadly’s incredible software feature, called the CRM tool, keeps businesses aware of their customers. Make those customer connections stronger and add finesse to the whole engagement ambiance.


Squadly builds trust by giving different jobs to its squads and members. This helps everyone work together, take charge of their tasks, and feel responsible for what they do.

Task Management

Squadly simplifies your work life by handling repetitive tasks. Create customised digital forms and checklists to smoothen the process. Boost your productivity and efficacy via task automation, and ensure clear communication tailored to each specific task.

Breaks Management

Join Squadly and manage the time breaks like never before. Keep a record of the unsaid coffee breaks as well as the paid ones. Get instant notifications on when your crew is missing in action or when they are just taking a small break.


Easily monitor your employees’ work hours and effortlessly submit timesheets for payroll with just a click using Squadly. Streamline the process for accurate and efficient payroll management.


Squadly is there for you to keep a track of time and location for every single visit, and is a go-to tool for managers to track how much time is being spent on a specific task.

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