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Multiple Locations
Scheduling & Dispatching
Manage customers
Generate Invoices
Send & Receive Emails
Attendance & Tasks
Chat with Team & Clients
Manage multiple Locations
Scheduling & Dispatching
Manage customers
Generate Invoice
Send & Receive Emails
Attendance & Tasks
Chat with Team & Clients
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Take a look at what Squadly has to offer

Manage multiple franchises and business locations

Enjoy centralized control and effortless management.

All your customer inquiries in Squadly Mail

Quicker responses with a streamlined communication.

Effortless Scheduling and Dispatching

More Productivity lesser time wastage.

Stress-free Customer management with our CRM tool

Get customers who will stay loyal to you.

Generate Invoices for your customers within Squadly

Quick cash flow and reduced paperwork.

Gain Insights with Powerful Reporting Tools

Make data-driven decisions for business growth.

Boost your customer services with Squadly

Our dedicated app offers mutual benefits to you and your customers. Once your customer is added to our system, they get instant access to MySquadly app where they can stay updated about the upcoming jobs and past jobs, who is assigned to do that job, generate invoices, and can communicate with your staff.


Squadly is a flexible platform that caters to a wide range of industries. Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, hospitality, finance, or any other sector, our platform is equipped with industry-specific tools and insights. 


You can now improve patient care and streamline operations with better staff scheduling. Sync activities across sites and use digital time clocks for efficient payroll. Simplify administrative tasks and transform your healthcare practices


Hey, Plumbing Pros, you'll love how easy it is to schedule and manage your plumbers at multiple locations. Keep track on their working hours. Say hello to smoother operations and enhanced operations and goodbye to paperwork mess.


Say adios to Untreated Scheduling and budget headaches. You'll have no trouble keeping track of shift schedules or managing finances., and keeping tabs on the cleaners. This way, you can focus on what you do best, delivering spotless results!


Our innovative technology quickly deploys teams to different locations to meet your security demands. You'll have 24/7 visibility on schedules, changes, and communication to stay in control and make educated decisions. You can easily track attendance and handle last minute adjustments, ensuring a flexible security operation.


Hey, let's simplify managing electrician businesses! Our tools, such as GPS tracking and task assignments, ensure effortless team oversight. Stay updated with real-time progress and instant communication, while mobile-friendly schedules streamline scheduling. Join us to enhance your company's efficiency and success!


Innovative HVAC team management solutions are our niche. Our GPS time tracking ensures personnel timeliness and location. Streamlined availability management simplifies last minute modifications. Gain field knowledge to provide superior HVAC services. Use our whole platform to grow your HVAC business.

Entire job management on a single platform!

Our system is simple yet very effective. It starts with receiving an email from you and then adding you to our system. Next, we schedule the job, assign it to our staff, and once it’s done, we generate the bills and a report for you. This way our system makes sure that you have an easy-going, simple and transparent experience.

Dedicated App for your staff

MySquadly is an app designed to make the work easier for you and your staff. By logging in the app, they can easily clock in and clock out, keep a check on their scheduled jobs, chat with a coworker if they want to switch their shifts, and even generate invoices. While designing, it was kept in mind to make your work as smooth as possible.

Experience everything for 30 days, completely FREE

Getting started with Squadly is easy and it wont break your bank. You can sign up for free and dive into the essential features to unlock the true potential of our platform. No initial investment is required. Our customer service team is always available to set up your account. Start your journey with Squadly for free and take your business management to the next level.

Start for free,
grow for real

93% of members would recommend Squadly to a friend

Integrations to make your life easier

Integrating Squadly with other apps streamlines your business processes. It enhances efficiency by connecting various tools you already use, creating a seamless workflow. This simplifies data sharing and reduces manual tasks, making your business operations smoother and more efficient.

Frequently asked Questions

What does Squadly offer?

Squadly offers a comprehensive workforce management and field service management system, providing the capability to efficiently oversee hundreds of thousands of employees.

How can I use Squadly to prepare and send invoices?

Squadly simplifies invoicing for your trade business. Easily link invoices to customers and jobs, keeping everything organized in one place. Send invoices directly to your customers with ease.

How much does Squadly cost?

To begin, kindly create an account, proceed through the account verification process, and finalize the onboarding phase by adding pertinent business and employee details. Once this onboarding stage is successfully completed, your setup on Squadly is complete.

Can I create, approve, and send quotes from Squadly?

Squadly offers powerful quoting tools. Easily create, customize, and email quotes to customers. They can accept quotes online, and you’ll be notified via email. Easy customer communication with Squadly.

Is Squadly available on all devices?

Yes! Squadly is compatible with desktop, Android, and iOS devices. Manage your business from anywhere, whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

How can I track time in Squadly?

In Squadly, time recording is simple. Use our live timer while on a job or enter time manually with our timesheets feature. You can generate timesheet reports to monitor staff work hours, compare with breaks and leave.

What scheduling & timekeeping features does Squadly offer?

Squadly provides easy scheduling to streamline your business operations and ensure smooth job execution. Our advanced time tracking feature enables staff to create digital timesheets effortlessly. Explore more about job scheduling with Squadly.

Can I schedule jobs in Squadly?

Plan ahead effortlessly with Squadly’s scheduling feature. Enjoy two different web views, drag-and-drop appointment cards and automated reminders.

Does Squadly offer free customer support?

Yes, our experts will assist with account setup, train you on key app features, and address any questions about our job management software.

What reporting does Squadly offer?

Squadly provides straightforward reports like Attendance, Time Sheet, Member, Invoice, and Commission Reports. No need for complicated tools. Easily track your staff’s time on each job and its cost to your business. Generate timesheet reports for specific jobs and keep an eye on your business margins with job service reports.