Squadly makes running your Service business hassle free

Handle your staff at different locations, manage your customers, generate quotes & Invoices, schedule & dispatch jobs, much more

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Entire job management on a single app

Manage multiple franchises and business locations

Enjoy centralized control and effortless management.

All your customer inquiries in Squadly Mail

Quicker responses with a streamlined communication.

Effortless Scheduling and Dispatching

More Productivity lesser time wastage.

Stress-free Customer management with our CRM tool

Get customers who will stay loyal to you.

Generate Invoices for your customers within Squadly

Quick cash flow and reduced paperwork.

Gain Insights with Powerful Reporting Tools

Make data-driven decisions for business growth.

Manage all your business locations and teams in one place

Managing multiple branches of a business has always been a challenge for 
owners. Squadly understands the pain. Guess what? We have a solution. 
With Squadly, you get centralised control of all your business franchises and 
teams. No matter where they are located around the world, you can easily 
schedule, assign tasks, and streamline customer services -in short, you can 
organize the entire workflow from a single platform.

Boost your customer services with Squadly

Our dedicated app offers mutual benefits to you and your customers. Once your customer is added to our system, they get instant access to MySquadly app where they can stay updated about the upcoming jobs and past jobs, who is assigned to do that job, generate invoices, and can communicate with your staff.

“I have been using Squadly for my service-based business for several months now, and I can confidently say it has transformed the way I operate. The platform’s intuitive interface and robust features have streamlined my scheduling, invoicing, and client management processes, allowing me to focus more on delivering exceptional service to my customers. The personalized setup and ongoing support provided by the Squadly team have been invaluable in helping me maximize the benefits of the platform. I highly recommend Squadly to any service business looking to simplify operations and drive growth.”

Sarah Reynolds

Dedicated Mobile App for your staff

MySquadly is an app designed to make the work easier for you and your staff. By logging in the app, they can easily clock in and clock out, keep a check on their scheduled jobs, chat with a coworker if they want to switch their shifts, and even generate invoices. While designing, it was kept in mind to make your work as smooth as possible.

Frequently asked Questions

What does Squadly offer?

Squadly is an all in one platform offering solutions for workforce management and field service management systems, making it easier for employers to manage their teams no matter what the size.

How much does Squadly cost?

Squadly offers flexible pricing plans to suit your business. After your free trial period, you can upgrade to our premium version. Please visit our pricing page for more information. If you have specific requirements please contact our sales team and get all your queries answered.

Is Squadly available on all devices?

Yes! Squadly is compatible with desktop, Android, and iOS devices. Manage your business from anywhere, whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

What scheduling & timekeeping features does Squadly offer?

Squadly provides easy scheduling to streamline your company’s operations and guarantee timely project completion. Our sophisticated timekeeping application makes it simple for employees to create digital timesheets. Use Squadly to learn more about job scheduling.

Does Squadly offer free customer support?

Yes, our professionals will assist you with account setup, provide you with training on key features, and address any queries you may have regarding our work management system.

How can I use Squadly to prepare and send invoices?

Squadly makes invoice processing easier for your trading company. Keeping everything in one location, invoices can be readily linked to jobs and customers. It’s simple to send bills straight to your clients.

Can I create, approve, and send quotes from Squadly?

Squadly provides effective tools for quoting. Quickly generate, alter, and send quotations to clients via email. Quotes can be submitted online, and you’ll receive an email notification. Simple customer service when using Squadly.

How can I track time in Squadly?

Tracking time is simple with Squadly. During tasks, you can manually record hours using the timesheet tool or use the live timer. This enables you to generate reports that compare staff hours, breaks, and leaves.

Can I schedule jobs in Squadly?

The scheduling tool in Squadly makes it simple to plan ahead. Take advantage of automated reminders, two different web displays, and drag-and-drop for appointment cards.

What reporting does Squadly offer?

Squadly provides straightforward reports like Attendance, Time Sheet, Member, Invoice, and Commission Reports. No need for complicated tools. Easily track your staff’s time on each job and its cost to your business. Generate timesheet reports for specific jobs and keep an eye on your business margins with job service reports.