Boost your productivity by empowering your workforce with delegations

Squadly automates the delegations, and gives charge to the employers to assign important tasks to designated Squad members with complex roles to meet dynamic business needs.

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Ideal for Complex and Diverse Roles

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Discover the simplicity of managing your teams with Squadly!

Squadly empowers all types of workforces around the globe. Make shift work hassle-free for your employees with powerful workforce management tools.

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Browse Platform features

Squadly revolutionizes workforce management with comprehensive features, empowering businesses to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver exceptional field service experiences with ease and precision. The reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights, while integration capabilities ensure seamless workflow integration. Maximize your workforce’s productivity and customer satisfaction today.


Efficiently share and assign schedules to your workforce without any hassle.

Live Location Tracking

Providing real-time visibility of your team, optimizing resource allocation, ensuring that they are at the right place and ensuring safety.


Allowing efficient task assignment, tracking, and collaboration among team members, promoting productivity and effective workflow management.


Simplifies communication, enhances collaboration, and boosts productivity. Stay connected and organized with our efficient email functionality.


Our CRM centralizes customer data, tracks interactions, and drives personalized experiences. 


Streamlining invoice creation, automation, payment tracking, and integration with payment gateways for efficient financial transactions.

Browse Job features

Squadly’s job-specific features cater to diverse industries such as field service, healthcare, construction, property maintenance, hospitality, facility management, and retail operations. These tailored tools and capabilities optimize workflows, streamline operations, and boost productivity for businesses in each respective sector.

Clock in/out

Simplifies attendance tracking with accurate time recording, geolocation, mobile accessibility and real-time reporting.

Task Management

Task assignment, tracking, and collaboration with prioritization, reminders, notifications, file attachments, and analytics.


It allows employees to log their location, ensuring accurate attendance tracking and compliance.

Welfare Checks

The system conducts regular automated assessments to ensure continuous monitoring of worker safety during critical shifts.

Breaks Management

Monitor employee absences and breaks to assist managers in identifying and resolving any concerns in prolonged or excessive break durations.