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Discover a world of solutions at Squadly, where simplicity and innovation converge. We’re here to build a future where challenges become opportunities. Our team, driven by passion and expertise, is committed to creating accessible and intelligent solutions.

We stand by a Purpose

Managing a business can be tough and sometimes a lot to handle. That’s why we formed Squadly, enabling businesses to effortlessly connect and operate their employees, regardless of location. Our mission is to support businesses in flourishing by simplifying the day-to-day challenges of team management. This way, they can focus on growth and running their business with ease and confidence.

Why Squadly?

1. Optimise your workflow.

2. Plan quickly and intelligently.

3. Perform tasks more efficiently.

4. Adaptable, versatile, scalable system.

Who We Are and How to Be with Us

Meet the Squadly Team

We proudly call ourselves Squad Legends, aiming for Squadtastic achievements. Our culture revolves around kindness, generosity, and a unified team spirit, fearlessly overcoming challenges together.

What's Important to Us

Our values guide how we work every day. We believe in:
Putting Care First, Standing Strong Together, Trying New Things, Focusing on Customers, and Keeping It Simple.

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If you’re ready to be part of a dynamic community of imaginative, influential, and enjoyable professionals, explore the exciting opportunities to join the Squadly family.

We stand by a Purpose

Dedicated to Excellence

We offer a fantastic product and exceptional service, ensuring top-notch quality for all our customers.

Driven and Diligent

We believe in hard work and ambition, just like our customers. We put in the effort to succeed and achieve our goals.

Support Team Growth & Happiness

Our success stems from the shared effort, skills, and contributions of each team member, promoting a happy and thriving work environment.


We're all about delivering top-notch solutions and stellar service, ensuring excellence for every Squadly user.

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What does Squadly offer?

Squadly offers a comprehensive workforce management and field service management system, providing the capability to efficiently oversee hundreds of thousands of employees.

How do I get up on Squadly?

To begin, kindly create an account, proceed through the account verification process, and finalize the onboarding phase by adding pertinent business and employee details. Once this onboarding stage is successfully completed, your setup on Squadly is complete.

What impact will it have on my business?

By using Squadly, you can reduce annual employee management costs, enhance work efficiency, track performance, record attendance, and efficiently manage tasks and much more, without consuming extra time.