5 ways Squadly helps employees do better

By Kashuf Shahid, Oct 14, 2020


One reason many organizations fail to reach their maximum potential is employee under performance. A major contributor to this is improper management of the task force. More often than not, in mismanaged companies, employees hesitate to share their problems with the manager. Even when they are unaware of the work standard they need to uphold.

This leads to a lack of productivity and a general atmosphere of frustration within the organization. This is precisely the reason why there is an imminent need for systematized management. One way to achieve that is by using efficient employee management systems.

Many successful companies use these systems to maximize productivity as manually managing the task force can be extremely difficult. According to a study, Bersin by Deloitte, around 67% of companies actively look for performance management solutions to enhance efficiency. Roster management systems have been increasingly pertinent as industries grow and become more service oriented. A research conducted by A.T. Ernst, H. Jiang, M. Krishnamoorthy in 2004 makes its relevance and different applications quite apparent.

Squadly fulfills this need by providing a platform through which both employees and employers can navigate smoothly through the workplace. Here are 5 ways that show you how:


Efficient communication:

The most significant thing needed for operations to run smoothly in any organization is effective communication within the various teams. Many employees accept tasks they have little know-how of, just because they are afraid to voice out their reservations. This results in poor quality work that takes undue time and effort.

Squadly helps rectify that by introducing a feature through which employees can refuse to do a task they feel unfit for and can give a justification for it. As a result, someone better suited will perform the task. This process will ultimately boost efficiency as it not only alleviates the pressure on employees to do something they are not qualified for, but also saves time and yields better results.

Managers can also group individuals specialized in specific areas in particular squads to collectively manage them. When there is no communication gap, more work is done.


Easy task delegation:

One major problem most companies face is confusion about who is in charge of what at specific times. This is most apparent in organizations that require double shifts.

Through Squadly, employees can set their availability and indicate the time they are most comfortable to work in. This helps increase morale and makes work more organized. Employees finish tasks more accurately when they are aware of set working hours and responsibilities. It also helps erase conflicts between schedules as everyone knows their shift timings in a systematic manner.

Workers yield better results when they are given tasks at a time they’re best able to do. Employers can easily keep track of employees available to undertake a task at certain times, which eliminates clashes and over-time hours are recorded so they can be compensated accordingly.


Performance Evaluations:

To reach any goal, it’s imperative to constantly evaluate progress. This needs to happen on both the ends of the employee and the employer.

Through systematic job overviews, employees can easily track all the jobs they have accepted, along with pending, completed tasks and deadlines. This helps provide much-needed structure to their working routine and eliminates chances of failure in the future.

When employees have an organized list of all the pending tasks, it makes it easier for them to prioritize and get the most important ones done first. It also helps them make clear estimates of when certain jobs will be completed and free their schedule for more jobs. This leads to proper activity planning. Tasks are hence finished on time and without delays when deadlines are approaching.

As these overviews are also available for the managers to see, it further helps in task delegation. The analytics indicate which individuals are producing better results, highlighting areas of strength and weakness, as shown from their job history which helps managers choose the right person for a specific task.

Making work straightforward:

Organizations fail to meet their productivity goals due to undefined expectations in the workplace. Employees become demotivated because of unknown role definitions. That’s why work standards need to be set right from the start.

In Squadly, every job comes with a description that clearly outlines the objectives and expectations of a particular task. They can ask questions regarding any misunderstandings and after a set time, the employer is unable to edit or add to the task responsibilities.

With there being no confusion around the task requirements and clarity regarding their goals, employees tend to perform better.

Organization and time management:

Proper time management can go a long way in producing good results. When your workforce is diligent about clocking in and clocking out their work hours, it keeps the employers aware about the amount of work being put in.

In most companies, a 30 to 60-minute lunch break during working hours is considered normal. Breaks lasting for more than that can be unpaid. It’s important for there to be a systemized record for breaks so that everyone is paid according to the work they put in.

Employees are to completely relieve themselves of all work-related duties during lunch breaks. On the occasion, they work in their break period, they are to be compensated accordingly. Squadly makes it easier for them to clock in their meal breaks. Such a system increases order during working hours. It gives a sense of accountability to the employees and encourages them to work hard and not slack during work.

A happy employee is a productive employee. When your workforce is effectively meeting the needs of your organization, it will continue to boom. You can make your company more profitable by downloading the Squadly app and getting the most out of your workforce.


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