Workplace strategies for mental health

By Kashuf Shahid, Mar 02, 2021


Many small and large business managers are prone to many mental health problems at the workplace like being spiritless, in a state of worry, sadness, disappointment, and many more. According to the mental health statistics, the entrepreneurs are found to be more subjected to a myriad of mental health problems at the workplace as compared to the employees. This elucidates that the business owners of the various companies feel prey to the different problems of being pressurized and stressed in managing their companies and are devoid of the support and help from anyone. At that time, making any business successful becomes a hard nut to crack particularly if we consider it with respect to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic situation. 


The mental health issues at the workplace also leave a bad impact on the economy which in turn affects the progress of a company. A study of the report that was being compiled by the World Health Organization in the month of September 2017, revealed that mental health affects the global economy by US dollar 1 trillion per year resulting in a loss in productivity. Many, people are not aware of the symptoms and the effects of the different mental health problems associated with it. Mental health awareness has been declined for the last five years. Hence, to get rid of the increasing mental health problems with respect to the workplace many good strategies should have opted and some of them that can be put into the action are described below one by one.


1. Provide on-land treatment


This can be a good option to overcome different mental health problems in the workplace. This, will not only provide the workers with professional assistance but also with mental health support. Many, organizations have developed very effective systems to prevent a rise in mental health problems at the workplace. On-site treatment will also benefit the employees by conveying them messages related to their well-being that it is being valued by their managers.


2. Simplify your business


If, any company is offering unlimited services to its clients and customers so it is advisable that the company creates easiness in its business to ensure the accessibility of all the services to its clients without compromising on their health. Make sure to simplify your business by keeping it very simple so that you are in the condition to hire the right people for your business. Be, aware of the fact that not everything can be done by a single person and soon you will get tired of working so much physically and mentally, and in that situation, you will not be in the state of running your business successfully.


3. Take proper sleep


As a manager of any company, there are fewer chances of you getting the proper sleep due to the increase in the workload and the long working hours can drag you into a state of depression, stress and anxiety. Many, small and big job owners are at the higher risk of sacrificing their sleep when the things don't work successfully as they want them to be and hence in that situation, they had to work for long hours but that is not considered an effective solution for it as it results in the mental health problems. Hence, always ensures that you don't overburden yourself and takes proper sleep as it will keep you fresh and energetic.


4. Resolve problems smartly 


When you run a business, you can encounter many problems associated with it while establishing it. These, are basically related to the job and can drag you into a state of helpless. Hence, an effective workplace strategy needs to be devised and implemented at that time to get rid of the different mental health problems. Make, an effective strategy to deal with all the problems one by one rather than resolving all of them together at once. By, doing this you will be able to develop a momentum that would help you in facing all the challenges very easily in the future and will prevent multifarious mental health problems.


5. Mental health days


Another, workplace strategy that can be opted to overcome the mental health problems is separating the personal days and the vacation days. Many, big and renowned companies very often combine both days and that doesn't prove to be effective. Giving all the employees mental health days also makes them happy and it also gives them professional treatment and care. The personal days should also include the particular references to mental health. A small and good change in it can result in many good things., emotional well-being should be the first and foremost priority for achieving wellness goals at the workplace. This can also be one of a good workplace strategy for mental health. 


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