Work From Home Experience Of A Squadly Employee

By Kashuf Shahid, Oct 16, 2020


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies around the world allowed their employees to work from home. It was the safest option and a way to minimize the risk of contracting the dangerous virus. Squadly also asked all of the teams to work remotely and enforced extreme precautions. For a number of us, this new route of working was wholly new. We didn’t know what to expect not unlike many office workers around the globe.

It didn’t seem that bad at first

In the beginning, we all decided to look at the bright side of things. We were being given an opportunity to remain in the safety of our homes and work from our comfort zone. The prospect of working in our pajamas, from the couch with a coffee in hand didn’t seem daunting at all. It was a refreshing break from the daily routine, getting ready early in the morning and the long commute to the office. However, it didn’t last that long.

Soon, the challenges with work from home were apparent

While the first few days passed in the excitement of trying something new, soon, we realized it was harder than it seemed at first. Distractions were everywhere. Every time I picked up my laptop to work, I’d start feeling hungry. The fact that the pantry was not too far away urged me to go look for something to eat. Loud conversations from family members, pet cats rolling around the floor and the television sounds all acted as vices that beckoned me away from work!

Soon enough, I was missing my Squadly office and the camaraderie between the team where everyone was part of the same thing. Where work was fun and collaboration among us was effortless. On the work front, I felt as if I wasn’t able to focus as hard as I used to. I was getting things done but they were requiring more effort and double-checking which effectively succeeded in making me feel as if I was lacking productivity.

I realized how much the act of getting ready in the morning, driving to the office and working contributes to making you feel accomplished on a day to day basis. Now, when I was having trouble with a task and I couldn’t finish it that day, I felt as if the entire day was wasted! I didn’t have my colleagues to discuss problems and brainstorm solutions. Sure, digital communication was there but it didn’t overcome the need for face to face interaction.

Then, I found the solution

After a while, it was apparent that I needed to change the way I went about remote working. Making the couch your office desk, surrounded by family and cats was no way to work. I finally had an opportunity to put my vacant house library to good use. The room was secluded and remained unused for long periods of time. I installed a desk there and gathered my work paraphernalia to create a space solely dedicated to all work-related activities.

The next step was to create a routine. All of us were already using the Squadly Bizz app to easily clock in and out but I decided it was time to follow the 9 to 5 to a T. I started waking up and getting ready the way I used to in normal workdays. After grabbing a bite, I’d go into my no relaxation zone and work on the desk like I used to at the office. My coffee and lunch breaks were also set at a specific time and lasted for a particular time period. I tried to actively communicate with my team members as much as I could. After following these steps for a couple of days, I felt like I was finally getting my rhythm back. I felt more accomplished and efficient in the way I was working.

Am I still adjusting to this massive lifestyle change that work from home brings? Yes. But, do I feel more positive and encouraged to work after incorporating these simple things in my routine? Definitely.

The bottom line is folks, that routine and structure are important if you want to achieve your goals. Oh, and if you want to make working from home more efficient, you can always download the Squadly apps to create order in your workday. Stay safe!



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