What is the future of the work? A Hybrid Workforce

By Kashuf Shahid, Feb 16, 2021


Covid-19 has changed many things and has created many hurdles in the way of the good productivity of the businesses. In, today’s world, it has further halted many businesses of the big entrepreneurs. For, many of the employers and employees, the workplace environment and the experience has never remained the same and the businesses need to bring advancements in their daily practices to meet the challenging needs and demands of their employees and to keep pace with the increasing advancements in the field of information technology and the innovation in this post-pandemic world. So, what would it look like? The answer, to this question, is simple and that is “the creation of a new model of hybrid”, where the employees can easily work from their homes and only comes into their offices to work on the different projects. The office usually becomes a place where different businesses work and can result in a change of a location regarding the company’s headquarters.


    1. Hybrid work- a norm

Nowadays, most of the renowned and big companies are trying to think out of the box that how the hybrid work will look like and will eventually work. Whereas, some of the widely used applications by the people across many regions of the world like; Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Shopify have already adopted and implemented the new policies regarding the unlimited work to be carried off from the homes easily and that are known as the WFH (work from home) policies. This has clearly elucidated the fact that this change is here to say and will be adopted by a myriad of people in the future. According, to the outcomes of a recent study carried out by the Gartner, it has been found that about eighty-two percent of the company owners have decided to allow their employees to carry out their works from their homes. Whereas, a new study in this respect was further carried out by the Global Lenovo that inferred that the employees can expect some new changes in the future related to their employer’s intellect and furthermore, the fifty-two percent of the people observed that they would be continuing the WFH (work from home) policy in the time period of the Covid-19 pandemic spread even after the measures regarding it finishes.


 2.  Information technology

Considering this, the employers came to the conclusion that this distribution of the workforce doesn’t matter a lot as the people resorting to their offices will only make the businesses grow. This, will in turn demands the formation of the new information technology devices regardless of the old employee personal devices like; cybersecurity software and many more. If we look at the advancements in the field of the technology and the innovation that has occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic, we can clearly have a look at the impacts on the businesses which has resulted due to it. Businesses changed a lot during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, further resulted in an apprehensive number of remote workers working from their homes rather than from their offices.


3. Effective tools

Due to that, employees started using more effective tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom skyrocketed, and many more. This resulted in an unprecedented increase in the number of daily meeting users in the mid of the pandemic in April 2020. Considering, this many big business owners have come to the conclusion that their employees can easily work from their homes like they used to work from their offices. Many, kinds of research showed that almost two-thirds of the global workforce felt that they can easily and very comfortably work from their homes rather than from their offices. So, then a question arises that why one should then resort to the office- why not instead of that pays more attention to cutting off the costs and improving, enhancing, and investing in the advanced technology to hire and drive a good hybrid workforce?


4. Prepping for hybrid future

With, that situation, the technology will only try to meet the needs and the demands of the employers and the employees. Besides, the usage of the new and different software’s, the other tools are now used by the employees for the effective collaboration in the hybrid work environment and which includes personal laptops, monitors, noise-canceling handsets, and many more. In, the offices that actually means the creation of a “touch-less environment”, where the employees can easily collaborate with each other using the various information technology tools and devices. For, the information technology department, the scenario is entirely different in which investment has to be made in it so that all, the employees can easily access it without encountering any problem.


5. Hybrid model

Whereas, the newly introduced “hybrid model”, may not be fit and accurate for all the organizations. One, the thing is very alarming and needs to be highlighted and that is the office that we know now, maybe an entirely different one in the future. In, today’s world, the work from anywhere has become a general practice for everyone and as a result of it, the real and true company’s value may reduce and as a result of it all the employees can and will expect more from their employers than ever before.


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