The threat of coronavirus and how remote working can help keep you safe

By Kashuf Shahid, Oct 15, 2020


Since late last year, the world has been thrown in a state of chaos. Countries are facing an extremely difficult challenge: an unknown enemy, the Novel coronavirus. This virus originating from Wuhan City in China belongs to a family of viruses that cause diseases in animals. The source of the virus was a seafood wholesale market that sold both live and dead animals. It has made the jump to humans causing cold-like symptoms and difficulty in breathing.

The virus has spread rapidly affecting approximately 162 countries worldwide. According to Worldometer, an estimate of 187,322 cases has been confirmed internationally, including 7.477 deaths. The virus, also known as, Covid-19 is dangerous, proving fatal to older people.

Symptoms of coronavirus

Symptoms of the virus are similar to that of pneumonia. It causes cough, fever, runny nose, fatigue and difficulty in breathing. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure. The virus can spread from person to person. The severity depends on an individual’s immune system. It ranges from mild illness to severe pneumonia.

While there is no vaccine available for the virus yet, exercising precaution can reduce the chances of illness. Currently, Australia has 452 confirmed cases and 5 total deaths.

Effect of coronavirus on the economy

Due to the unknown nature of this virus, we do not yet know how to combat this calamity. As public safety precautions threaten to stop production, workers are indisposed and people are afraid to resume their normal outdoor activities, the effect on the economy seems to be dire.

Several industries are hit by the disease outbreak. The travel sector has incurred major damages as customers cancel their trips. Retailers and restaurants lose business as people are afraid to step outside. According to the Reserve Bank, Australia’s national finances will be significantly impacted due to the pandemic. Investors have backed off and other attempts to raise money have been canceled as banks call off funding.

While the effects on the economy may prove to be disastrous, we can take steps to combat it. With intelligent policies, the damage can be contained. However, the most important thing to accomplish is fighting the spread of the virus and trying to limit the outbreak. That’s why companies all over the world encourage their employees to work from home.

Working from home can save your life

Seeing as how the coronavirus is contagious and can be contracted due to close proximity with an infected person, social distancing is a good precaution to take. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other big tech companies recently announced that most of their workers will not be coming to the office to work. Most Australian companies have also encouraged their workers to work remotely. Telstra, a big name in the communications industry, has also asked employees to work from home.

As working remotely limits your exposure to people, it lessens your chances of getting sick. It also minimizes time and human contact that comes with commuting. Remote working increases employee retention and provides a way to continue working in this dangerous time.

Workforce management systems can come in handy

One concern with the increase in employees working from home is whether they would be able to match the same level of productivity as in-office workers. That’s where workforce management systems come in. Managers worry that out of sight employees might waste their time instead of working. With an efficient workforce management solution, this fear can be curbed as managers are able to evaluate performance, track productivity and maintain accountability among employees.

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