The link between innovation and growth

By Kashuf Shahid, Apr 07, 2021


Innovation and growth are directly and indirectly correlated with each other. Companies are trying their best to increase company’s productivity. They are using technological tools for it. Famous and renowned entrepreneurs are incorporating technology into their daily activities. Innovation is leading to economic growth in a positive manner and perspective. People are using technology in their daily activities. It is benefiting many companies and organizations. Incorporation of technology plays a very pivotal role in increasing the competitive growth as innovation is associated with it. Competitive market price value is increasing as the innovation brings growth with it and many other perks.


1. Economic Growth

Technology is increasing and improving the overall economic growth and productivity of the company and organization. People are making use of it. Innovation is increasing and improving with the use of technology. Technology not only enhances economic growth but also leaves a positive impact on numerous business activities and many other things. Economic growth is directly and indirectly effecting innovation and growth rate. Despite the importance of the connection between technology innovation and economic prosperity there is a difference between the people's opinions & how to they work on that.


2. Productivity Increases 

Company's productivity is increasing with the usage of technology and incorporation of innovation. It increases the company’s goods, products and services. Companies are linking them with each other. This is benefiting the employees in a positive manner and perspective. Companies are interacting with each other and they are looking for the good ways by which company’s output can be increased.


3.Wages Increases

Company’s and organization’s wages increases.  It is benefiting the customers in such a way that the company’s wages increase and this, in turn, benefits the companies. This is increasing the competition in the business world and in the current scenario of various business activities, norms and values.


4. Innovation

Innovation increases and enhances the growth and overall productivity rate of the company. Businesses are increasing and flourishing with the passage of time. This is bringing a positive change in the business world and in the current scenario. Innovation has a positive and long-lasting impact on everything. New and updated technological tools are the one which are bringing a positive change in today’s digital world.


5. Profitable Businesses

Businesses become profitable and growth and innovation increase. Companies are easily investing in their businesses and this, in turn, is helping them to hire employees and workers. They are investing everything to make their businesses to flourish. Profitable business leads to better employment opportunities.


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