Self-Compassion is an Essential Tool for all Entrepreneurs

By Kashuf Shahid, Feb 09, 2021


“You, have your own mind, use it. You, have your feet in your shoes. You can motivate and encourage yourself. You can choose your own direction. You, know that who you, are and you are, the one who will decide that where to go”.


The prevailing Covid-19 pandemic has halted many small and big businesses. Many small and large business owners are in a state of unending difficulty and chaos regarding the enhancement of their businesses in the Covid-19 time period. This has increased the feelings of self-doubt and disloyalty among the many renowned entrepreneurs whose businesses are often dependent on staying focused, attentive, and avoiding unnecessary distractions in the way of their business's productivity. It is difficult for them to enhance their business and make it a success in the long run when you are surrounded by negative vibes, self-talk, and bad news. So, in that alarming situation, what should be done by the big business owners and the answer to the question is, “self-compassion”. 


The technique of self-compassion is based on the Buddhist teachings and that demands that you should feel compassion for yourself regardless of what is your identity and how successful you are or not successful as you deserve compassion and understanding. Self-compassion has become an essential tool for all entrepreneurs across every country of the world. A myriad of the benefits is associated with it and in the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic situation, it has become an essential tool for all entrepreneurs. In addition, how self-compassion has become an essential tool for all entrepreneurs, and the different benefits associated with it are described below one by one.


Improving resilience 

Nowadays, self-compassion is an essential tool for all entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs, use it to improve the situations by substituting the negative self-talk with the positive one and with kindness. By, self-compassion, entrepreneurs increase their emotional resilience and they become capable enough of handling everything in the future. This has been implied by the different entrepreneurs and the big business owners across many countries of the world. Many, researches have revealed the fact that self-compassion is a good source of resilience. This increases the inner strength of the entrepreneurs as they are able to get rid of the negative vibes and thoughts.


Sharing human experience

All, the entrepreneurs use the tool of self-compassion for sharing the human experience. Entrepreneurship is itself an experience that can be an isolating one, and the effects of it can add up to an abrupt increase in the feeling of being isolated. Hence, to prevent and overcome this all the entrepreneurs imply the tool of self-compassion to connect with their employees and with all the other people wide world by incorporating the technique of, “shared human experience” in their daily lives, weekly or monthly meetings.


Implying mindfulness

Entrepreneurs, use the tool of the self-compassion for replacing the state of the over-identification with mindfulness. When, entrepreneurs face many difficult challenges in their life and a myriad of hurdles in the way of their business's productivity so they all, use this tool to take on a non-judgmental approach which enables them to observe the different thoughts and feelings rather than over-identifying them. In, that approach mindfulness plays a pivotal role and benefits all the entrepreneurs in a number of good and beneficial ways like; they become optimistic and only focus on the positive and the bright side of everything.


Supporting well-being

All, renowned entrepreneurs use the tool of self-compassion for supporting their well-being during difficult times and hence it proves to be an essential tool for all of them. They, use it to manage their stress during the long hours of working and to overcome the state of frustration, fear, and the feeling of being remaining worried all the time. It enables them to handle all the situations smartly and diligently. Furthermore, it enables all of them to deal with all the difficult tasks effectively. Without it, they cannot overcome the problems of being over-stressed and overburdened. It has proved to be a good skill in overcoming the big challenges of life for them.


Maintenance of business

The self-compassion tool is used by all entrepreneurs to maintain their businesses in the long run. When your company is at the risk of failing then to prevent that self-compassion becomes a necessary tool that should be used by all the big business owners at that time. With, self-compassion, all the entrepreneurs are capable of accepting the moment as it is and then choose to respond or react to it accordingly. This, further allows them to create a good and a great amount of transformation that can benefit their business and can enhance its productivity in a long run with multiple benefits. Hence, self-compassion is an essential tool for all entrepreneurs in making it a big success in the long run.






Maintenanceactivity involved in maintaining something in good working orderMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)


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