How to keep your remote workers productive during coronavirus?

By Kashuf Shahid, Oct 16, 2020


With most of the companies asking their employees to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no doubt that the business landscape as we once knew has undergone a drastic change. Remote working brings its own set of challenges. Now that teams have to communicate over digital media instead of interacting face to face with each other, many business owners worry about productivity. That’s why we want to share some tips that will help you manage your remote workers in a more efficient way:

Instill employee engagement and give recognition

While working from home, your employees don’t get to enjoy the easy team camaraderie that they had in the office space. This tends to make workers feel lonely and isolated which leads to them feeling less motivated to work. This is why making your workforce feel engaged and connected with each other is a very necessary step. One way to do this is actively trying to keep communication channels open. Conducting daily meetings that encourage feedback is also a way to create opportunities for team members to have conversations.

Aside from that, giving recognition to your workers for good work can do wonders. A survey from Psychometrics showed that when asked what leaders could do more of to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied: “give recognition”. Being appreciated for their hard work motivates workers and encourages them to put in their best effort.

Provide all the required equipment to remote workers

Without the right equipment, your employees might not be able to reach their best potential while working from home. If a laptop is all that’s needed to get things done, that’s well and good but if your business requires employees to have other necessary tools, make sure to provide all of them. If you cannot provide the tools, be sure to give them a stipend so they can invest in the needed technology themselves. This will instill goodwill among employees and allow no compromises in work efficiency.

Other than that, it’s important to equip your employees with the right tech tools too. Applications like Squadly, help increase communication among workers and get rid of work-related confusions.

Encourage dedicated workspaces and professional dressing

One of the biggest drawbacks of remote working is being constantly distracted. Due to children, pets and a number of other reasons, employees often find it hard to stay focused on the task at hand. Encouraging your workers to create a dedicated workspace that serves as a no relaxation zone will help them avoid all distractions. Professional dressing is another way that can help increase productivity among remote employees as it creates a distinction between daily and work routines.

Give clear directives to remote workers

Communication is much more difficult to uphold when working from home as lots of things might get lost in translation. Unlike the office, you can’t just go from your desk to your colleagues and enquire about something. Due to varying online availability, employees might not be able to reach each other at all times. That’s precisely why defining goals and responsibilities in a clear and precise manner is so important for remote workers. When they know exactly what tasks to perform from the start, they will be less inclined to have queries. In this way they won’t end up being frustrated if they can’t find someone to answer their problems immediately. With defined goals in sight, remote employees will be more focused on their tasks and work more efficiently.

One way to do that is to install the Squadly apps. These apps come with nifty features that help in employee task delegation and scheduling which makes working from home easier and yields better results. Stay safe and work smart!


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