How to increase your work productivity

By Kashuf Shahid, Oct 19, 2020


Are you getting the most out of your workplace? Is your output greater than your input? Are you being mindful of the hours of effort you put in every day in the office? Is your work productivity up to par? These questions can help you analyze your work performance and encourage you to do better. A satisfying end to office hours, where you know you got done with all of your tasks efficiently can do wonders for making you feel accomplished and motivated.

Here are our top tips to be more productive at work!

Take your breaks

Some people think working tirelessly with hours on end is the meaning of being more productive. That’s not true at all. If you sit on your desk for a long time, you get tired which leads to your performance levels deteriorating. Exhaustion can also cause stress in employees and results in a job burnout where you can’t find the motivation to work at all. Taking scheduled breaks in between actually helps you concentrate better and you can complete tasks with increased productivity. Statistics show that the top 10% of employees work on average for 52 minutes, before taking a break that lasts approximately 17 minutes. So, don’t miss out on your breaks and have a short resting period so you work better and bring about improved results!

Stop multitasking

Most people believe that multitasking is a sure-shot way of getting all of your tasks done in the shortest time period possible. That’s a myth. Research shows that multitasking causes as much as a 40% drop in productivity. When you focus on multiple tasks at the same time, you end up not giving your all to even one. Your brain gets pressurized when forced to handle different activities at a time and it causes you to feel stressed and anxious. When you keep switching from problem to problem, you don’t get to give all of your attention solely to one. This minimizes your creativity and the final product ends up being mediocre. It’s best to fully concentrate on one task, finish it, and then pick up your next project.

Finish the demanding tasks first

When you first enter the workplace in the morning, you feel fresh, energized, and ready to take on the new day. However, as time passes, you slowly lose that energy. That’s why it’s important to do the tasks that are the most creatively demanding whenever you are at your best. Other mundane tasks like answering emails and other routine chores that do not require much brainpower can be handled even towards the end of the workday when you don’t feel at your peak productivity level.

Take out all the distractions

Focus is key to working well. When you’re in work mode you need to eliminate all the disturbances so you can give your all to the task at hand. This includes turning off your phone notifications and logging out of your social media. If you keep checking your phone in the midst of a task, you’ll lose concentration and break your work tempo. Instead, check your notifications and emails in your break intervals. You can also use them as short rewards to encourage yourself to finish your tasks quickly.

Eat and sleep well

Improvement at work does not only happen in the office hours. You can boost your efficiency if you get in the required hours of sleep the night before. If you’re eating healthy, getting the rest you need, and exercising; it will reflect in your work performance. If you’re sleep-deprived, hungry, and suffering from health issues, it will be impossible to take care of your tasks properly. The healthier you feel, the better work performance you’ll have and it will also be very beneficial for your mental health.

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