How To Have Digitization For Operational Efficiency

By Kashuf Shahid, Oct 11, 2020


Digitization is the transition which companies opt to have; for carrying their operations, most of which have been carried-out manually and in orthodox fashion, since a very long time, using an existing digital technology. Becoming a digital business means applying technology to enable new types of products and processes rather than simply enhancing existing processes and modes of interaction. Digitalization can be opted for making a little change, as any company deciding to bid bye to the paper-based records and management; while it can be wide as assigning the roles of complete workforce management to a workforce management app.

Here we have discussed and mentioned a few of the trends in digitization; also, how adopting and eventually adapting to them can affect the operational efficiency.


  •  Modernizing Infrastructures through Cloud digitization:

Cloud based digitization helps organizations in not only achieving operational efficiency but in disintegrating complex organizational processes to rather simpler processes; to help understand more clearly the contemporary challenges. Moreover, cloud digitization makes any company’s information-access easier and lucrative. It is, therefore, technology, companies should be considering, while making a transition to digitization.


A joint study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte says, “<a href="">Maturing</a> digital businesses are focused on integrating digital technologies, such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud, in the service of transforming how their business works. Less-mature digital businesses are focused on solving discrete business problems with individual technologies.”

Another study, conducted by the IBM, reveals that the second populous country in the world, India, is expecting 60 percent of its companies shifting their data to cloud, in the period of ten years; whilst, almost all of these companies are also expected to be using multiple hybrid clouds in the next three years.

  • Efficiency through Data Analytics digitization:

Marketing involves having deep knowledge of the audiences to be targeted. The data set based on buying behaviors and the demographics, helps companies in carrying out successful marketing campaigns. In the contemporary world, where the users are having the most of their daily life transactions done, by the tip of their fingers, using mobile devices — or smart-phones to be precise, having to collect consumer data–about the buying behaviour and the demographics, is easier than it ever has before.

With that being said, data analytics is not as simple as one may think and it is performed by the professionals with certain expertise of data science, a newly introduced, interdisciplinary field in computer science.

Data science uses scientific methods, processes, systems, and algorithms to extract knowledge from both structured and unstructured data — the data of the internet users which is available on the web. This data once extracted, is cleansed and shared in its most simpler, understandable shape. The professionals working in the field of data science are mostly known with the name of ‘Data Scientists’.

Back to the organization transition to digitization, the Asian Pacfic region alone, is expecting 82 percent of the companies, supporting their operations using the services of data science professionals, as part of their data-based strategy, within a period of 5 years — a report ‘Global Industry 4.0’  presented by PwC reveals.

Besides making use of data science, any organization by having the query section digitized and thus much efficient, can exploit the customer-queries in developing business solutions, in accordance with the customer’s needs and demands.


  • Connected workplace through IoT digitalization:

Courtesy of the Internet of things or IoT, the synchronization, connectivity, or pairing is beyond two similar devices today. The most pertaining and easy-to-understand example of IOT is the pairing between a smart-phone and automobile infotainment system– both dissimilar in their functionalities and purposes and yet.

Speaking of organizational digitization , a centralized IoT based working environment with employee connectedness, will ensure smooth and efficient managing and carrying of the routine tasks, thus diminishing unproductivity and mitigating the costs. Not only this but IoT can also bring much needed automation for the operations and their management, proving handy for the overall efficiency and productivity.

The advocacy of IoT in the latter instance is manifest from the workplaces that have sensors installed within the organizational sphere. It helps in determining that in which premises of the organization, the employees spend most of their working hours and does there exist any correlation between certain premises and employee productivity or unproductivity; also in which of the premises the employees were engaged or disengaged to their respective works.

In India alone, presently, the IoT market stands at the worth of 5.6 billion dollars, with at least 200 million IoT devices.


  •  Employee digitization through digitization itself:

By allowing and encouraging employees to have tried their hands on new digitized tools, by knowledge sharing and awarding certificates respectively, can earn any company a great deal of operational efficiency. Empowering them by drawing no boundaries around and letting them have out-of-the-box thinking, gives a great deal of productivity in the long run. 


Companies can make employees to contribute in making organization, operations better by helping them adapt to digitization by:

  • Developing digital and technology skill sets through exchange programs and certifications
  • Creating a knowledge repository with training documentation
  • Developing digital assets for people such as videos, pictures and documents
  • Collaboration through knowledge sharing sessions and participative management
  • Adopting the BYOD concept, hotdesking, gamification in recruitment, and other procedures as well.



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