Hindrances and their solutions in managing the employees

By Kashuf Shahid, Oct 28, 2020


Myriad of  Hindrances:

There are myriad of hindrances that are faced by the managers in managing their employees. Managers that are trainers or acts as the trainers often get to witness that what can happen when a disruption in communication occurs between them and their employees, for example, there was one a very well-known situation in which a woman once met her renowned trainer during a break in the training session who was very emotional and teary-eyed In her seven years with the organization, not once had her manager asked how her end of the week was. Her manager was a driver with a direct, 'Don't burn through my time, I would prefer not to think about your own life' sort of mentality. This was very harsh and rude behavior from her manager that made him sad.

At a higher level of humanity, that seems fine but employees sometimes feel that they need interpersonal communication to achieve a certain level of trust. In the event that a worker feels that their chief or the supervisor couldn't care less about them, they can become withdrawn and can even destroy the manager notoriety of the organization. Exhibiting good and sound communication is one of the challenges that is faced by the managers in handling their employees. Other than that, the management of the conflict and performance and management of the potential liabilities can be tough hurdles to overcome, too. The failure to overcome the hindrances faced by the managers in managing their employees can lead to the disruption of the company’s reputation. Nonetheless, the organizations can be fruitful in keeping away from these entanglements through the help and improvement of their administrators and the workers & their practical solutions



One of the hindrances in managing the employees is communication. Managers frequently are not aware of the quality of their communication that how their communication or interpersonal style is perceived by the employees. The managers can understand their employee's unique communication and interpersonal style and how to master this style in different situations by having a look at the communication templates, scripts, tips, or checklists and they can provide these to their employees as well for better communication between them and their employees.

One can engage in role-play or dialogue with the employees to help them practice their skills and identify opportunities for their improvement by their managers. Additionally, managers and the employees can be trained on how to overcome the common communication breakdowns and how to avoid them and encourage employees to notice signs of communication problems between them and their employees (misunderstandings, consistent performance problems, etc.). When all other options don’t work then provide a personal coach if communication problems persist till the ends.


Resolve conflicts:

Another challenge faced by the managers in managing their employees in resolving their problems. Numerous supervisors disregard issues and don't consult their issues straightforwardly with their representatives or workgroup. Regardless of whether these are execution issues, clashes among colleagues, issues of trust, or character conflicts, supervisors are tested to go up against and address issues head-on and as they emerge, diffuse employees' feelings and emotions about the problem they had to listen to both parties and understands their needs and desires. The derive win to win solutions lead to more productive and positive work relations and prevents chaos later on by supporting positive colleague connections and perceiving the potential for strife or issues


Managing performance:

Managers must and can balance meeting goals and can manage workloads by hiring motivating employees. These issues in addition to the others with the fact that many managers are ill-equipped to provide regular and constructive feedback and may not understand the importance of documenting performance can make the managing performance task difficult. To support them and to overcome this problem, they can build on-going performance feedback into the performance management process to ensure accountability and they can do this by creating an easy method to document performance by using a database, log, or diary. Besides, offer help instruments for chiefs, for example, rewards, acknowledgment, preparing, and improvement to perceive and construct execution. In particular, train chiefs in themes, for example, execution the executives, instructing, and input since many will have had no involvement in these.


Taking Care of Acquired Employees:

Most directors face the issues of not well-versing in regulating ADA, FMLA, and different laws that secure certain gatherings of representatives, however unconsciously end up dealing with a worker who requires a convenience, time away or falls into an ensured class. These circumstances should be taken care of carefully because of their legitimate nature, so make administrators mindful of:

  • Legal essentials, for example, conditions or inabilities that are ensured.
  • How to decide fundamental capacities and sensible facilities.
  • Requirements related to FMLA (qualification, time allotment, and so on.).
  • Types of representatives that are ensured under the law (sex, race, national inception, and so on.).
  • Hiring and meeting liabilities (inquiries to pose/not ask, and so forth)


One of the most widely recognized difficulties for chiefs is treating workers decently and reliably. An administrator may permit arrangements and rules to be dismissed by certain workers and not others—or may ignore business strategies by and large. "Extending" the principles for certain workers can open up a scope of expected liabilities and impression of predisposition and preference that have negative sweeping impacts in the Make certain to compose clear strategies and let chiefs realize when changes have been made. Set clear models for settling on work choices, especially where directors need to recognize representatives (acknowledgment, reward, advancement, and so forth.).












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