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By Kashuf Shahid, Mar 29, 2021



In today’s world, mobile leadership can create hurdles in the way of the management practices by the big and famous entrepreneurs and the business owners which can negatively impact their team’s build-up processes. This can not only put the reputation of the company at a stake but can also hinder the productivity of the company. In the COVID-19 pandemic time, many companies had to resort to mobile working, and hence as a result of it, the employees had to carry out their work from their homes rather than from their offices. The remote leadership can leave a bad impact on the customers related to the company’s credibility if the company’s managers are not skillful and sharp-minded. The remote leaders are trying to find out the ways by which they can make their remote leadership effective and good.


One of an article which was published in the 18th century revealed the fact that the sixteen-hour workdays by the incorporation of the technology revealed that the productivity can be enhanced and improved by its incorporation into the business practices. Many remote working tools like slack, zoom video meetings and a myriad of other software had made remote working easy and accessible. Big and famous entrepreneurs and business owners should take care of one thing that the remote leadership doesn’t bring out the worst in them as that can lead to an utter failure of their companies and can hinder its progress and productivity in a long run. Hence, they can prevent the worst remote leadership by following the recommendations which are described below one by one.


Ways of getting remote leadership right


There are multifarious ways by which remote leadership can become an accurate one.


Set clear expectations


One way of making the remote leadership right is that make your expectations very clear and keep them as simple as possible. The goals should be very obvious. Don’t pressurize your team just because of your expectations. It is the job of a business owner or an entrepreneur that he should establish good, friendly, and cooperative relations with all employees and develop good communication skills with them as a remote leader. Setting clear goals and expectations can prevent the worst mobile leadership. So, the managers should be adept at it to overcome the worst remote leadership to emanate.



Share the company’s progress


Another way is that enable all team members to share the company’s productivity with you. This is one of the ways to prevent mobile leadership to bring out the worst in you. Don’t overburden your employees and never ask them about their work time and again as this can demotivate and discourage them. Instead of behaving unethically, give your team an opportunity so that they can share their progress with you as this would positively impact the company’s productivity and will make remote leadership easy and effective.


Hold meetings


Hold regular or weekly meetings as this would enable us to enhance and improve the productivity of the company and the meetings proves to be a beneficial tool for remote leadership. This can be done by the use of the updated tools which are used for holding the meetings on a monthly and weekly basis. Due to the advancements in the field of innovation and information technology many new tools are available which can easily made remote leadership a big success.


Control anger


Learn to control your anger. The ability to control your anger can prevent bad remote leadership. You should be aware of the fact that the pressure which you apply to your employees can leave a bad impact on them and can hinder the progress of the company. If you realize this thing very quickly and easily so it can prevent the worst remote leadership and can enhance the productivity of your company. Big business owners and renowned entrepreneurs should know the art of controlling all their emotions and should not express them unnecessarily. Control of your emotions can prevent the worst mobile leadership.


Proper allocation of time


Big business owners and entrepreneurs as a mobile leader should be aware of the fact that proper allocation of time is necessary for effective remote leadership. The proper and accurate use of the available resources and money can improve and enhance the company’s productivity and progress. Poor leadership skills usually result in poor remote leadership and hence one can avoid this by the proper allocation of the time for their employees and one can do this by tracking the progress of the company on the regular basis. This would prevent the bad side of the remote leadership to emanate and would also prevent the company’s failure.





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