Five Ways Gratitude Helps Entrepreneurs Right Now

By Kashuf Shahid, Feb 25, 2021



“The power of the gratitude goes broader and deep, with the significant personal and professional benefits”.


Expressing gratitude is one of a good social and cultural norms, basically, it comes in our ethical values. When we are born, we are taught by our elders the “true meaning of the ethical values”. At, an early stage of our life, we learn that saying “thank you”, is a good way of showing good manners and ethical values, But, if we look deep into the concept of understanding the word “gratitude” in its real essence, its impacts and benefits are multifarious including both the personal and professional benefits. In, the field of business and marketing, expressing gratitude to the employees by the entrepreneurs plays a pivotal role in making a business successful. It, not only speeds up the productivity of the business of that particular company but also helps the entrepreneurs.


In, today’s world with the Covid-19 pandemic days, gratitude helps the entrepreneurs in a myriad of beneficial ways as being grateful to everyone in our daily lives is one of a good and beneficial tool for improving and enhancing your leadership skills as well as strengthening the relations with your employees. Many types of research and studies conducted and formulated by many renowned scientists have revealed that a person expressing and practicing the norm of gratitude can go a long way in his or her life particularly the entrepreneurs. The gratitude supports the well-being of an entrepreneur with respect to the mental, social and emotional health, especially in the Covid-19 time period. Below, are the five practical ways of expressing gratitude which has helped or can benefit the entrepreneurs nowadays.

1. Managing stress


Nowadays, many entrepreneurs face the problem of being over-stressed and overburden, and that adversely affects their health. One, a study revealed that seventy-two percent of the entrepreneurs self-reported that they had faced many mental health issues in their lives such as the feeling of sadness, disappointment, and many more. Gratitude is one of a powerful and effective strategy that supports mental health and improves it. The people who are always grateful are at low risk of encountering mental health problems in their daily lives. They are emotionally, physically, and mentally strong than the other people. Entrepreneurs can easily face and combat the challenges in their lives by being grateful which in turn also helps in the management of the stress.


2. Networking and relationship building


Many, good types of research have revealed the fact that if the entrepreneurs remain grateful to their employees, so it benefits them in a long run by establishing cooperative relations with them. Other than that, to be grateful is also one of an excellent way of making a “positive impression”. By, simply saying thank you to a person or thanking him or her with a simple note of gratitude makes that person really happy and he or she then tends to develop a friendly and ongoing relationship with you. In today's world, this is one of a kind and good way to overcome the hindrances in the way of the big businesses and can really help the entrepreneurs. It also helps in the building of good and professional relationships with the partners and colleagues.


3. Gaining and retaining customers


The gratitude benefits entrepreneurs in gaining and retaining their customers. Every single person feels delighted and appreciated when someone pays the compliments in the form of the, “thank you”, they enjoy going back and working in the places where they are being appreciated and loved by their business owners. Many, renowned business owners have told their stories that how a simple and nice gesture of thanksgiving makes their employees very happy and overwhelmed. Gratitude, has been linked with the sense of appreciation, goodness, and happiness which in turns increases the number of the new customers and also proves to be successful in retaining the previous ones, this thing really benefits the entrepreneurs and gratitude, is also one of a way of making your clients happy regarding the purchase of your any product or service.

4. Motivating employees


The gratitude helps the entrepreneurs in keeping their employees motivated. Americans, are more prone to giving negative feedback to their clients instead of the positive ones, and this kind of behavior has also been encountered at the different workplaces of the world. One, of a study, revealed that gratitude has a positive impact on the employees as it keeps them motivated and that in turn benefits the entrepreneurs. The workers feel more trusted and that in turn keeps them loyal and honest with their business owners.

5. Maintenance of a happier life


The gratitude benefits the entrepreneurs in the maintenance of happier family life. Not, every person can build a strong, friendly, and cooperative relationship with their peers, family members, employees, or someone else closer to you alone or without the assistance of anyone. People, often forget to thank anyone like business owners ignores the fact of thanking their employees and which really leaves and creates a bad impression but if entrepreneurs express gratitude so that not only benefits them in developing friendly relations with their employees but also affects their lives in a positive manner by helping them in maintaining a happier family life in a long run.


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