Employee Management Relation with Productivity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness

By Kashuf Shahid, Oct 21, 2020




Every business goes through ups and downs, our key focus should be to minimize the risk of falling. This can be achieved through employee management and if you succeed in this step, there will be no margin left for your business to fall. This part has been made very easy now, you can use free employee management softwares to keep track of your business’ activities irrespective of its size and nature. This could be very helpful for managers in large-scaled companies and for a solopreneur as well. In this way, your entire workforce can be managed all at once. Moreover, the productivity of your business will rise by just using one software.

Now that many organizations have remote workers due to Covid-19. Employee management software has helped many companies a lot in sustaining their productivity. According to a survey that took place in the US, 2020; many workers preferred to work remotely. The statistics are as follows:


Every manager or a solopreneur should take the following steps to get the most out of their workforce:


Improve your Training Process

Training is the most important process to get your current or new employees right on track. The first thing is to decide whether you need an internal coach or involve an external organization for the training procedure. A coach (internal) who has been given staff management training can do this job without any difficulty. A trained internal coach is more preferable as he/she is more familiar with the organizational customs, norms, and employees’ behavior. In the case of an internal trainer, some of the things that you should keep in mind are as follows:

Internal Coach

  • Make sure that the coach has the right staff management skills
  • A survey of the current employees
  • The trainer should be able to make the trainees understand the concept of training and how it is going to benefit them in future
  • The contents of the training should be accurate to make the whole process effective
  • The training courses should be precise
  • The trainer should be able to identify problems in the course (If any) and make changes accordingly


External Body/Trainers

If you are unable to find the coach you are looking for (internally), you can also hire an external organization for the training process. External trainers can be expensive but they are skilled trainers and have much more experience than an internal trainer. As the training process is more of an educational journey, external trainers are the teachers who have learned effective techniques to guarantee that the training will be properly received. The only important thing to do before hiring an external organization is to do a little research about the organization itself and the trainer who will be assigned to do the job.


Get more Work from Remote Workers

A proper staff management system would be to get more work from remote workers. These workers have more time to invest. So, you will be able to get more work from them. Their chances of staying active will be more as they do not have to commute to work on a daily basis. The more active they will be the more productive they will turn out to be.

According to an experiment that took place back in 2012, it was found that the productivity of the workers increased by 13% who were working remotely. 4% of them were the ones who claimed that there were fewer distractions and the other 9% were the ones who worked extra minutes in every shift.


Incentivizing Employees

To increase the overall productivity of your company, a successful staff performance management would be to start incentivizing your employees. It keeps them motivated to work hard and achieve more. Moreover, their job satisfaction increases, and they feel more encouraged to stay with such a company. If the employees are happy, they work hard and try to be more and more productive, which in return makes the business look good.


Cut-out Unnecessary Tasks

Another way to increase the productivity of your workforce would be to get rid of to limit the unnecessary tasks of the workers. Sometimes, meetings that are not necessary to take longer than expected which results in the wastage of time. Staff management skills are much required to keep the workers focused on their tasks rather than wasting time on side-conversations/ and other distractions. We are growing digitally with every passing day. Still, some employees are doing things manually which they can do on software or online tools and save time. It takes too much of their time, which they can limit to a great extent by doing it using such softwares. Unsuccessful employee management can lead to a chaotic workplace. The employees should be in your control and your word should be the final word for them, so, there will be no margin for them to create any unnecessary mess or complaints.


Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a must, for a company to work at its full capacity. This way both; the employer and the employee can figure out the weak points or things to improve to be more productive. Performance evaluation is useless if it is not done in the right way. So, the managers should keep in mind the key points to discuss (can vary from employee to employee) in the reviews. The managers should prepare for the performance evaluations beforehand/ so that they make the best out of it. Proper employment relation (between the employer/manager and the employee) helps a lot in performance reviews.


Celebrating Victories

The greatest way to keep the employees motivated is to celebrate victories. Mostly, people do not consider such celebrations as productive, which is not true. By celebrating every victory of your workforce, you motivate them all which in-fact leads to more productivity.



As per the information discussed above, we conclude that employee management can be accomplished successfully if you engage a well-laid strategy. As the cliché goes, work smarter not harder! A good manager is a first-class strategist having the capabilities to control the workforce effectively. You can easily achieve this by making use of staff management software that will help you manage time and work efficiently.





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