Deskless Workforce Productivity

By Kashuf Shahid, Jan 13, 2021



Employees with no dedicated office space are called deskless workers. An organization’s growth and profitability majorly depend on deskless employees. However, there should be a digital workplace for such employees provided by the company itself. Likewise, deskless employees also require such a digital workplace to be more scheduled about their daily tasks. and above all, increased deskless workforce productivity.

People usually confuse deskless workers with remote workers. These are two different types of employees. Remote workers have their workspace (Away from their offices). However, deskless workers do not have any workspace, they spend their time traveling, delivering, inspecting, constructing manufacturing, etc. to complete their projects (On ground).

Following are the things that you should take care of, to increase the deskless workforce productivity:

1. The training process for Desk-less Employees

The training process is very important for employees so; they can understand that they are valuable to the company. To increase the overall efficiency, enhancing your training process should be the first thing to do. To do so, make it precise and to the point. Their learning should be daily with a little repetition as most of them remain wrapped up in their tasks. The following steps will help build a better training process:

  • Microlearning: Turned out to be the most effective process. Instead of a longer training process, save time, and make your employees learn on a daily basis. 
  • Connect through mobile devices: Make sure all of your employees have mobile devices, so, you can continue the training process on a daily basis.
  • Feedback: Employees’ feedback is as important as the whole training process itself.
  • Eliminate ‘learning through manuals’: Everything has changed in this era of digitalization. Get rid of the old methods and opt for contemporary methods to achieve more deskless workforce productivity.

Proper assessments: To assess which of your employees is capable of what sort of tasks. Assign tasks according to their capabilities.

2. Digital Desk

Employees require desks regardless of the nature of their work. For deskless employees, there should be a digital desk, so, they can manage their tasks with no trouble. You should digitize your workforce to increase its operational efficiency.

3. Job Security

Deskless workers are in constant fear of losing their jobs because of the thought that automation will take over everything. Eliminate this fear out of them, so, they can work at their full capacity. Strong employment relation is required for an organization to increase deskless workforce productivity.

A deskless employee will never think of switching his/her job if the employer provides job security.

4. Communication Barriers

Most of the front line workers are not well-read and find it difficult to communicate properly across an organization.

Sometimes, miscommunication with higher management can result in a lack of efficiency and less productivity. So, in order to run management properly, constant communication with workers will be helpful.

The employer should avoid jargons while communicating with his/her employees. The employees avoid communicating with their employers thinking that they might get mocked for not being able to communicate in a proper manner. Therefore, an employer should assure his/her employees that there lies no margin for anyone in the company to make mockery out of them.

Another problem for some front line workers is language barrier. However, it is no longer a challenge for an employer or the employee. Some of the WFM software enables both of them to communicate without any problem, as the software itself performs the role of an interpreter.

5. Offering Insurance

Workers would prefer the job where they think that management cares for them. Providing insurance to employees and their families will result in their loyalty towards your company. This way, there will be a huge impact on overall deskless workforce productivity.

Employees will be happier working in your company knowing that the company values its employees and their families as well.


Any business can collapse if its front line workers are not working at their full capacity. Therefore, you need to provide them the digital desk they require. Keep educating them through the micro-learning process. Moreover, assure them that they are working in a safe environment, where they are connected to their managers via mobile devices. It is no longer a hassle for the employer to stay connected with his/her employees. Follow the above-mentioned steps to cope up with the deskless workforce productivity.



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